Casper Boat Club
Alcova, Wyoming


Casper Boat Club Improvements Since 1958

1958 - 150 foot pier erected to protect the gas dock and bulkhead

1960 - New Club House was started with funds available. Beacon light donated.

1961 - Club House was finished with donations from members and dedicated.  Two septic systems were installed. New water well was drilled. Flag pole erected.

1962 - Little white house was moved from the present lawn.

1963 - Front lawn and sprinkler system was installed.

1964 - Sprinkler system broke due to improper draining.

1965 - Present floating dock built. South side docks installed.

1966 - Back bay dock #1 installed.

1967 - Club house remodeled to give room for Boat & Bottle room.

1968 - Flag pole blew down. Water well deepened and larger capacity pump installed. Lake dropped 43 feet October to December.

1969 - Pier broke up due to an ice jam. Hoist donated by Star sailors was erected. Gene Caperton flag pole erected. Present area fenced.

1971 - Back bay dock #2 installed.

1972 - Cement was installed where Promenade docks 53 - 62 are presently. All private docks removed from the CBC water front.

1973 - Promenade docks 1 - 52 installed with cat walk. County water system for house installed.

1974 - Docks 53 - 62 added to promenade system. South bay docks constructed.

1976 - New improved water well pump. Lower Deck crows nest added. New main septic system for Club House

1977 - Present lawn furniture purchased. New septic system for Stewards quarters.

1978 - Extension of back bay #2 docks. Cement apron placed on promenade 1 - 25 docks. New 8,000 gallon gasoline tank installed. Mobile home purchased for Stewards quarters.

1979 - New kitchen equipment installed.

1980 - Final kitchen equipment installed. Wind shelter built over cement part of Lower Deck. Peninsula cement break wall erected. More porch furniture purchased.

1981 - Dock extension on Back Bay #1 dock. One section of floating dock replaced.

1982 - Back Bay #2 dock fingers extended, 2 fingers added to south bay dock section. Lounge area added by glassing in north patio and dedicated Ship's Bell to the memory of Les Parsons (on the lawn).  New beacon donated in memory of Winnie Stalkup. New PA system installed. Stone and concrete wall erected around the lawn area. Compressor replaced for walk-in refrigerator.
1991 - New docks installed on Promenade

1992 - Back Bay dock fingers on East side replaced with new aluminum docks
1993 - New steel courtesy dock built and aluminum extension added. New carpet installed in Lounge area. New window coverings purchased and installed in Dining Room. John Deere Lawn Tractor Purchased.

1994 - New furniture purchased and installed in Lounge area.  Additional Window coverings purchased for Lounge area. Painted loading/unloading docks 

1995 - New shingles installed on club house.  New bar stools purchased for Lounge area, center pieces for dining tables purchased. New roof and windows installed on swim beach building.  Lounge chairs for swim beach purchased. Purchased new burgees and flags for CBC flag pole. Purchased new volley ball net

1998 - New docks installed on swim beach area. Installed automatic lighting for Commodore's picture and current Board of Directors

1999 - Gas Dock repaired

2000 - New plastic docks installed back bay west side, covered awnings installed on Lower Deck. Children play structure installed. Installed track lighting for Past Commodore's pictures.

2001 - Kitchen remolded, gas dock replaced with vinyl panels. Began electrification of RV camp sites. Began to allow installation of boat lifts

2002 - First Phase of Promenade widening expansion completed Jet Ski dockage constructed on new steel bulk head. New gas dispenser installed

2003 - Second Phase of Promenade widening expansion completed. New living quarters purchased for CBC Manager and Dorm for general Staff

2004 - New stove, deep fryer, toaster, grill purchased for kitchen. Gas containment area constructed for gasoline delivery trucks. New roof installed on water pump house. CBC website started.

2005 - Installed jet ski (Personal Watercraft) docking ramps

2006 - Replaced awnings on Lower Deck, purchased and installed Direct TV service in lounge area, replaced last wooden docks, installed new lines on flag pole, installed ceiling fans on Club House front porch, purchased child high chairs.

2007 - Repainted dining room and sealed wood walls and ceilings in the bar and entry areas. New bar furniture was purchased. Placed a new concrete surface on loading ramp and replaced decking on loading ramp. New roof on swim beach house with metal fascia and soffit. Placed new bleached white sand on swim beach.

2008 - Repainted exterior of the club. Repainted hallway to restrooms. Finished improvements on the loading ramp. New gravel on roads on club grounds. Internet access installed in club. Purchased new lawn tractor. Purchased new John Deere gator for grounds maintenance.

2009 - Major rennovation of the gas dock to make repairs due to erosion. Improvements and updates to the beach house. Purchased webcam and weather station and added the webcam and weather to the club website. New playground equipment installed on swim beach.

2010 - New well pump, wiring and control. Finished gas dock bumper materials. Moved the sailboat crane. Rewired bath house and swim beach area. Major tree work end of season. Added more power heads on prom below Lower deck.

2011 - Purchased and installed a new fuel despenser with double hose. New double door, commercial grade freezer and refrigerator. Dredged back bay.

2012 - New commercial hot water heater installed. New soft drink bar was added to the kitchen. New automatic sliding door was installed between the patio and restaurant. New computer billing system for the club. All Back Bay docks were rhino lined. Over five thousand tons of dirt was removed from the Back Bay. Welding and repairs to many docks.

2013 - Installed new patio Trex deck and railing. New patio furniture. Concrete front steps. New grill for kitchen. Replaced sewer line to building. New electrical for on-demand water heater. Concrete patio. Fire pit. Two neon signs for bar. New lights for buffet area.

2014 - Kitchen was enlarged to make room for new cooler, freezer, and more dry storage. New computer and software and electronic photo display in hallway. Bathrooms updated with new vanities, toilets and paint. Helipad painted white with red H. AED installed and staff trained. New icemaker. New beds and bedding for staff at trailer. Two new sewer pumps and floats. Camping rules and policies posted at campsites. Metal baffle welded below Courtesy Dock to abate waves. New dock for gasing jet skis. Certified Electrical inspection of docks. Improved jet ski slips. Gas line to patio fire pit. New leaf sweeper for Gater.

2015 - New sidewalk to Helicopter pad. New sidewalk to trailers. New pad and fence for trash bins. New well pump. One new lift pump for sewage pit. New roof on club house. Complete paint job on beach house. 4 new docks by swim beach.

2016 - Sewer system improvements. New swamp cooler. New compressor for walk-in. Industrial lining in septic tank. New electric sewage pump station. New blinds. Kitchen replacements. Manhole covers. New docks.